Edit Locations In Bulk With The Location Manager

Edit Locations In Bulk With The Location Manager

You can manage your locations more efficiently and in bulk with the new location manager.


These capabilities allow you to search and select multiple locations based on your requirements or criteria, edit and update location attributes in bulk, and archive or reactivate them as necessary.  

Note: Only users with the 'Admin' or 'Manager' user roles can manage locations within the account. Or ensure that you have adequate permissions assigned to a user role to manage the bulk edit actions.

Navigate to Content → Manage Locations in your Synup dashboard. 

Search for tags or filters, or other criteria using the search bar on top. 

The location manager window lists all the locations that match the criteria that you have entered. Click on the Select All” checkbox in the top navigation bar to select all the locations matching your inputs.

Bulk Actions

Selecting these locations together enables you to perform the following actions in bulk on them.

  • Edit Info: This option lets you bulk edit business information associated with your locations. The options available are -- 
    • Name, 
    • Phone Number, 
    • Business Category
    • Additional Categories
    • Business and Social Media URLs such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
    • Operating and Special Hours, 
    • Description
    • Tagline
    • Year of Incorporation
    • Owner Name
    • Owner Email
    • Payment options and
    • Wifi
    • Select the options that you want to bulk edit and click on Next. Enter the new details as necessary and click on save. 
  • Move: Use the move option to organize locations into folders in bulk. 
  • Edit Tags: This option allows you to add tags in bulk to the selected locations. 
  • Archive: Moves the selected locations to the archives, and information is no longer synced to published listings. 
  • Edit via CSV: Enables you to upload a CSV file with the right attributes for all the locations and edit them accordingly.
  • Download CSV: Enables you to download a CSV file of all the locations, with associated tags and other attributes.  
  • Reactivate: Enables you to reactivate any locations that were archived previously.
  • Cancel Archival: This option lets you cancel archiving of any of the selected locations. 
  • Add Custom Attribute: Enables you to add custom attributes to various locations.

Maximum Location Limits

For every action mentioned above, at one time, you can execute it only on a maximum number of locations as specified below. 


Maximum number of locations

Edit Info




Edit Tags


Upgrade Locations




Edit via CSV


Download CSV




Cancel Archival


Add Custom Attribute


*These actions can be executed on unlimited locations if selected by default. If the user deselects locations or picks and chooses, then the actions can be executed on up to 3000 locations at a time.

Notifications and Alerts

Depending on the actions you perform, Synup’s Location Manager will inform you of the status of your task in one of two ways:

  • Toast notification: This appears on top of your screen and is used only for actions that are executed immediately. That is, if you choose “Edit Info”, “Move” or “Edit Tags”, your changes are applied immediately and this pop-up or toast notification will appear.
  • In-app notification bar: For actions that take more time to process, such as 'Editing via CSV' or 'Archiving 300 locations', once you click on 'Save' or 'Apply' in the edit screens, Synup will start processing the data as per your requirements. A notification of the update on all the completed changes/actions is communicated via the in-app notification bar. This new notification bar is accessible from the new bell icon on your screen.


For some updates, such as when locations are added or updated, the in-app notification will have a CTA attached to them. Click on this CTA to be redirected to the Location Manager Page. Manage your locations as necessary from there. 

If you are looking to edit these locations via a CSV file, please refer to this article.

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