How to Edit Multiple Locations via CSV

How to Edit Multiple Locations via CSV

You can edit data for multiple locations at once by uploading a CSV file.

 From the Location Manager, select the Locations you want to edit. You can click the search icon displayed alongside Location to search for Locations by name, address, or store ID.

After selecting the Locations you want to edit, click More Actions displayed at the top right corner of your Location Manager.

Select Bulk Edit Locations from the drop-down menu.  

 You can download the Instruction Guide to help you proceed, or follow the steps below.  

  • Click the link Download Selected Locations and open this CSV file using a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

  • Edit your location data and save your file as a CSV file.

  • Click Select CSV File to upload your file and click Continue.

It can take a few moments to process your CSV. file.

Your dashboard will display notifications on the status of your upload.

Once your file is successfully uploaded, you will be able to view the edit made.

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