Organise your locations with folders

Organise your locations with folders

For better data management and also giving access to your locations, you can segregate all your locations by grouping them into manageable folders.

Examples for grouping locations

  • Type (premium, hospitals, franchise, etc)
  • Geography (US, NZ, NY)
  • Clients Names (for client locations)

Accounts that have collaborative teams managing location data can assign folders to a particular user/a team of users invited to the dashboard.

Organizing Data into folders:

  • Access Locations manager from the under the Content tab in the overhead navigation bar.
  • 1.png
  • Choose a location that you want to assign to a folder.
  • 2.png
  • Click the more options/hamburger sign adjacent to the location name and click on Move to.
  • 3.png
  • To add a location to an existing folder, type in the name of the folder and select from the available folder options and click Apply.
  • 4.png
  • To create a new folder, select the create new folder option.
  • 5.png

Note: No two folders can have the same name. 

Add Multiple Locations to a Folder

Select the locations you want to assign to a folder by selecting the checkboxes against the Location.


Click Move Option in the overhead bar.


Once you have selected the locations, follow the same instructions as added above to assign a folder to the selected locations.

  1. To add locations to an existing folder, type the name of the folder and select from the suggestions.
  2. To add these locations to a new folder, select the  +create a new folder option.
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