How to Reactivate an Archived Location

How to Reactivate an Archived Location


You can reactivate any location that was previously archived. Activating a location will resume listings sync across Publishing Partner Networks.

What happens to Locations that are Activated?

For multi-location accounts, when a location is reactivated, the listing sync will be re-initiated.

For White-labeled accounts, once the Client Location has been reactivated, the client will be allowed to access location data from the dashboard again.

To activate a Single Location

Log into your account to access your dashboard.

From the Locations Manager page, navigate to the Archived locations filter.

Select the location that you wish to reactivate and click on the More options(Three dots) and select Activate Location.

Activating Multiple Locations

To Activate multiple locations at a time, check the boxes displayed alongside the locations you want to activate.

Click More Actions (three vertical dots) displayed in the overhead bar and select Activate Location from the drop-down menu.

The Locations will now display under the Active locations Tab.

Note: Once a location has been activated, it will be activated immediately. Pro-rata charges for this location will be added to your next invoice.


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