How to Organize Locations with Tags

How to Organize Locations with Tags

Tags are labels that you can use to view roll-up reports across components like Analytics, Reviews, and, more. Locations can have multiple tags to help you create different combinations of location grouping.

You use tags to group locations by region, performance, brands, divisions, etc., and then search location groups by tags to access consolidated data insights and to track performance for a specific set of locations.

Access the Location Manager

You can access the Location manager from 2 different windows.

One from your account settings -> select Locations


Second, from the Content tab -> Select Locations.


Adding a tag to a single location:

Access your Location Manager from either of the 2 options mentioned above.

Note: A default tag #all is added to all your locations by Synup, so there is no need to create an all locations tag to access roll-up views for all locations.


  • Choose a location you want to add tags to.
  • Click +Add a tag under the Location Tags column.
  • To add a new tag begin typing a tag name and hit enter to add the tag. 

Note: Every tag name has to be unique. No two tags can have the same name.

You can either add an existing tag that has been previously created for other locations by choosing it from the drop-down menu or you can create a new tag by just typing in.


The tags you add will be displayed as:


Note: To delete a tag you can select the ‘x’ in the tag label.  

Add tags to Multiple Locations

Select the locations you want to assign tags by selecting the checkboxes against the Location.


Click Edit Tags in the overhead bar.


  • Type a tag name and press enter to add another tag.
  • Click Assign Tags to Location to save changes. 

Note: You can add up to 1000 tags for a single location. Once you have added the required tags, click Assign Tags to Location to save your changes.

The selected locations will now display the same tag.

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