Archive a Location/ Delete a location

Archive a Location/ Delete a location

If you no longer need to manage the data of a business, you can withdraw it from listing networks on Publishing Partner sites by archiving the Location.

When a location is archived from your dashboard, Synup will no longer post updates on the Publishing Partner networks, and the client will no longer have access to the white-labeled dashboard to view or manage this Location.

Location archival journey

When a location is archived, the online listings for that Location on Publishing Partner networks will not be withdrawn by Synup. These listings will remain intact. For some listings, the business owner can go and claim the listings from the publishing partner.

Synced listings on Publisher Partner networks such as Google, Facebook, & Bing remain under the control of the owner/admin of the business listing.

Note: The Locations are archived at the end of the Account's billing cycle.

To Archive a Location

Once you Login into your Account, you are presented with the Locations Manager page.

From here, select the Location you want to archive and Click More Actions (three vertical dots) displayed alongside the Location you want to archive.


Select Archive from the dropdown.

The Location status will now change to Cancel Archival and will continue to reflect under Active locations until the end of the Account's billing cycle.

Note: Locations that are archived will move to the archived tab only after the completion of the billing cycle.

Archiving Multiple Locations

To Archive multiple locations at a time, check the boxes displayed alongside the locations you want to archive.


Click More Actions (three vertical dots) displayed in the overhead bar and select Archive from the dropdown menu.

Confirm the archiving of locations by selecting the Archive Locations option in the pop-up box displayed thereafter.


The status of all the selected Locations will now display the Cancel Archival and will continue to reflect under Active locations.

Note: Locations that are archived will move to the archived tab only after the completion of the billing cycle.

Clauses in the archival process

  1. When an account is created, you will not be allowed to archive a location for the first 30 days after account activation.
  2. If the location is created and archived in the same billing period. The location is scheduled for archival, and it does not get archived immediately. It would only get archived at the end of the billing cycle and hence will be billed for that month.
  3. When a location is archived, it will remain in the pending archival stage until the next billing cycle. It is displayed under the active locations tab(As our product is prepaid, the client has already paid for the Location for the particular billing cycle - monthly/annual).
  4. On completion of the billing cycle, the Location will automatically move to the archived locations tab, and the following month, the Location will not be billed.

Clause 1: If the Location that is archived is within the minimum commit of the Account - In this case, although the archival process is the same (Point 3, as stated above), the billing amount will not change. 

Example for clause 1: if the minimum commit of an account is 10 locations, and there are 11 active locations on the Account - when 1 location is archived, the next billing will reflect the invoice for 10 locations. However, if there are 10 active locations on the Account and the client archives 1 location from that, then the next billing will remain for 10 locations, as that is the minimum commitment as per the contract.

Clause 2: When the billing cycle of a client is the 20th of every month. If the client selects the archive location option on the 19th, it will be archived only on the 20th.

Clause 3: if the client archives the Location on the 20th after their billing cycle time, it will be archived only after the next billing cycle (20th of next month).

Note: The billing cycle is defined as per their first payment time and date. For example, if the first payment was made on the 20th at 2.30 pm (whichever timezone), all the consecutive payments(billing cycle) will be triggered on the 20th of the following month at the same time.

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