How to View Review Analytics

How to View Review Analytics

Synup's Review Analytics helps you measure your brand's reputation online through reviews and ratings received from across platforms. 

To view metrics on your Review Analytics Dashboard, you will need to ensure that your Listings on review platforms are accurately linked.

The Overview Panel

The Overview Panel summarises how your brand's reputation across media channels.

The performance metrics measures how customers engage with your digital profiles through:

  • The total number of reviews.
  • The number of new reviews received for the mentioned time rage.
  • An average rating received
  • The rate at which these reviews have been responded to.

 You can choose to filter this data by time intervals to compare performance for different date ranges.

To do this, click the date range drop-down and then, select from - 7 days, 30 days, 60 days, or custom (select the dates you want). 

Your dashboard displays two views- a graph view and a table view.  

Understanding New Reviews and Rating Metrics

Interacting with Graph Metrics for New Reviews and Ratings

  • The number of reviews that you received on a particular day is displayed alongside the line graph (in green).
  • An average rating of the reviews that you received on a particular day is represented by the column bars (in grey).

You can choose to view data graphs for individual review sites.

To do this, click the drop-down tab displayed in the right corner, and select from the sites displayed.

Understanding Site-wide Distribution of Total Reviews and Ratings


Interacting with the piechart Site-wide Distribution of Reviews

  • The segmented pie chart visually indicates the percentage of reviews received from each review site. Hover over each segment to view the review site name.
  • The column bar graphs indicate the average rating received from each review site. 

Understanding and interacting with the data table

The table view displays a more detailed performance of your business reputation across various review sites.

You can sort your data by value (highest or lowest) by clicking the column headings.

Understanding the Review Data in each column

  • An average rating received.
  • The total number of reviews received to date.
  • The number of new reviews received for the mentioned time rage.
  • The recency of the latest review received.
  • The Base rating your business profile before using Synup's Reputation Management Solutions.
  • The Base review count of the number of reviews your business profile before using Synup's Reputation Management Solutions.

Accessing Review Analytics dashboard for Multi-location accounts

You can customize your dashboard to access a roll-up view of your data for multiple selected locations. Learn more about how roll-up review analytics works.

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