How to Create a Menu

How to Create a Menu

Synup’s content management capability allows you, as a restaurant brand, to drive customer consideration by pushing out your menu content across network directories online.

You can add menu content from your Synup dashboard by:

  • Linking a menu and other relevant links from your restaurant website.
  • Create a menu for locations from your dashboard. 

Creating a Menu from your dashboard

Creating a menu from the menu manager allows you to assign it to multiple restaurant locations. If you want to create a menu for a specific restaurant location, you can do so from your Business Location information page. You can learn more about creating a menu for a single restaurant here.  

Access the Menus under Content in the overhead navigation bar.

Click the Add Menu button displayed in the right-side corner.


This opens the menu modal that will enable you to create your menu. Start by giving your menu an appropriate title. Type in a menu name and click Save.

Next, you can create Sections under this menu with Items under each section. Each Section acts as the main menu section with menu items listed under them.

Click +Add a Section to create your first section.  

Note: All menu titles and section names can have between 2-255 characters. You will not be able to use special characters when entering names for these fields.

Here’s how you can add and organize your menu content :

  • Creating Sections - This is the main section for food and beverages. For example, this could include Appetizers, Main Course, Desserts, Beverages, etc.

  • Menu Image - You can add images to help your customer visualize what the food item might look like and to drive choices. Click ‘+’ to add an image.

    Here are some guidelines you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing to add photos to your menu:

    • Image Formats: JPG/JPEG/PNG 

    • Image File Size: 10KB - 5 MB 
  • Item Name  - Your menu can have multiple items that can be created for food items served by the restaurant. For example, A section ‘Appetizers’ can have items ‘Cheese Balls’, ‘Chicken Satay’, ‘Chicken Wings’ listed under it.
    Type in the name of a menu item. Item names can have between 2-255 characters, however, you will not be able to use special characters when entering an item name. 

  • Item Price - Enter the amount that a customer will pay for this item on the menu. You can select the currency for this menu from the panel displayed on the right.
    Note: Ensure that the currency code you select for this menu corresponds to the geo-location of the locations you want to assign this menu to.
  • Item Description - Add a well-articulated description of an item to help customers find specifics of the cuisine you serve. We suggest keeping the description brief to and not more than 250 characters for each description. You can also include special characters in this text field.

Additional Information - You can choose to display additional information about the menu item to help customers make more informed choices.

  • Calories
  • Allergen info
  • Ingredients

Note: The Item name, Item Price, and Item description are mandatory fields that need to be filled out to create an Item under each section. 

Click Save to save this entire Section.  You can continue to create more sections with items to list out your entire restaurant’s menu.

Once you’ve finished creating your menu you can assign this menu to a location or a group of locations. Learn how to assign menus to locations here.

Pro Tip: You can duplicate Menu Sections and Items to another menu that might have repetitions of certain standard menu items. Learn how to duplicate menu items and sections here.

Every Menu you create is accessible from Menus under the Content Tab in the overhead navigation bar. Learn more about managing and editing menus here.


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