How to Edit a Menu

How to Edit a Menu

Every Menu you create is accessible from the menu option under the Content Tab in the overhead navigation bar.

You can manage all menus created for locations as well as create new menus from this space. You can also filter your menu by Location, the user who created it, or by currency.

To Edit the content of a Menu:

Choose a menu you want to edit and click the edit icon.  

You can now add and manage all sections and items for the selected/chosen menu.

Editing Sections within your menu

Click the edit icon in the section you want to edit.

This will allow you to edit the section names in your menu. Click Save after making the necessary changes to the selected section.

Rearranging Sections within your menu

You can rearrange sections and items within your menu to change the placement/position. To move sections and items to the top or bottom, click the more actions button and choose from the options listed in the drop-down menu.  

Editing Items within your menu

To edit the content of items in a section, select the section you want to edit.

Select an item from the section and click the edit icon displayed alongside.

This will allow you to edit the content of your menu item.

You can click Save to save changes.

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