How have we optimised review acquisitions?

How have we optimised review acquisitions?

Before you can get started with creating review Acquisitions there are a few updates that need to be configured on the application. This may take about 48 hours to process.

Once this is configured, you can go ahead and create your Review Acquisitions.

With this update, Review Acquisitions emails will be sent via a verified subdomain. The ‘From Email’ address for all email campaigns will be This part of the email template will not be editable.

What changes can I expect?

We’ve optimized the way we run review acquisitions to improve your ratings while introducing content guidelines to help minimize the chance of having your campaign emails being sent to spam.

While editing the email content you will now see active suggestions that can help you identify potential issues in the text and suggest specific recommendations.

Each suggestion explains the reasoning for correction, so you can make an informed decision about how to correct an issue.

Here are some content guidelines we recommend:  

  1. We recommend using less than 8 words or 52 characters for a subject line to keep the subject line focused and relevant.
  2. Steer clear from terms like - free, cheap, pre-approved, $$$, 100% free, urgent, don’t wait! etc., that are often used in marketing/sales spam emails.
  3. Don’t use all CAPS in the subject line within your email content, or subject line.
  4. Avoid unnecessary words like RE or FWD in the subject line, instead, write in a conversational tone and to get your point across effectively.
  5. Use Emojis only if relevant, and not more than 1.

Does this guarantee email deliverability for the review acquisitions I send out?

Securing a green checkmark will only ensure that the content in the email campaigns you create is spam-free. This does not guarantee that the email review campaigns will avoid all other spam filters by the email provider.

Need a refresher? Here is a guide to creating awesome review Acquisition campaigns! Click Here.


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