Post Automations

Post Automations

Post Automation is available for everyone who has access to posts. This is the new revamped Posts 2.0.

It gives you the ability to create bulk posts for multiple locations at the same time.

To get started, you will see a new tab that has been added under posts, it's called the posts automations.

Creating a post automation

To create a new post automation, click on the CTA - Create Post Automation.

Before we proceed, you must know that there are 4 types of posts that you can create through post automation.

  1. Covid-19 post (available only for Google).
  2. Announcement post - Create awareness about your brand/locations(available for Google & Facebook).
  3. Offer post - Drive conversions like call rates, click rates for your location/s (available for Google & Facebook).
  4. Event post - Get foot/web traffic (available only for Google).

Once you have clicked on the Create Post Automation button, the page that you are redirected to allows you to add the specifics for your post.

Creating a Covid-19 post

Add a name to your post first - Be sure to write a name to your post that is easily identifiable from the post automations dashboard. Note - this name is not visible on Google, it is an internal identifier on the Synup dashboard.

Now from the drop-down options available, select post type - Covid-19 Update.

Now schedule the automation by selecting the date ranges for when you need this automation to start, the frequency of the automation- just once, daily, weekly, monthly, if you choose weekly or monthly frequencies - you can also select the days of the week or the date of the month respectively, and the end date - you can choose to either end it on a specific date or run this automation forever.

Once you have added the automation schedule, you will see the run details of your selection on the preview, displayed on the right side of the page. The details displayed will be the start & end dates, the run schedule, the days/dated when the automation will be run.

Next select the locations for which you want to run the post automation. You can select locations by Tags, Assigned to, Name, City, Postal code, Categories, State, or Folders.

You can also add additional filters for choosing locations by including a ‘and logic/condition’ with the help of + add Filter condition.

The locations you select for the automation will reflect on the right side of the page, which will display the total number of locations selected for the automation..

Next, add the Covid-19 status update in the box provided, that you want to display on your Covid-19 post update on your business profile.

Similar to the above options, once you add the status update, the preview of the update as visible on Google, will be displayed on the right side.

Last, include a CTA button for your Covid-19 update. Choose from options such as Book, Order, Shop, Learn more, or Sign-up.

Note: CTA URLs will be shortened using our link shortener for better analytics and tracking.

See the final preview of your Covid-19 update, as visible on Google on the right side of the page, before proceeding to complete the automation.

Once you have reviewed everything on the post automation you just created, and everything looks alright - click on the Publish option displayed on the top of the screen to publish/activate your post automation.

Creating an announcement post

An announcement post can be created for both Google & Facebook.

All of the options to create an announcement post remain the same as creating a Covid-19 post, except for 1 additional option - you can add images to an announcement post.

The recommended image size options are mentioned on the screen, but for your reference, the image size has to be between 10KB to 5MB, 1200 x 630px.

Once the post has been created, a preview of the announcement post is visible on the right side of the page. It is recommended to review your post automation before publishing it on Google & Facebook.

Note: Adding an image is not mandatory.

Creating an Offer post

An offer post can be created for both Google & Facebook.

With an offer post, the additional attributes you will need to include are the offer post-title, offer description, the terms and conditions and the images. The CTA button available for an offer post is only Order. No other CTA options are available for this post type.

Use the drop-down options displayed on top of the post preview to view what the post would look like on Google Mobile, Google desktop, and/facebook post previews.

Note: Adding an image is not mandatory.

Creating an Event post

An event post can be created for Google only.

Add an event title, a detailed event description, the start date, and end date for your event - along with the time when the event starts, add a CTA button - choose from options such as Book, Order, Shop, Learn more, or Sign-up, include a link for your CTA and you are done.

Note: Adding an image is not mandatory.

Understanding the headers on the Post automation page

Name - The name of the post automation you created

Status - Status of the automation, if it is enabled/active post or if this automation has been stopped.

Type - The type of post created(See the creation of posts to see the different types of posts that can be created)

Locations - Total number of locations that have been included in the mentioned post automation(minimum number of locations that can be added to post automation is 1, there is no upper limit).

Start date - The start date of the automation created.

Created by - The name of the user on your account, who created the post automation. (At the moment, this feature can be accessed only by the admins on the account, or to users who have access to all the locations on the dashboard. If you wish to change this reach out to our support team at and they will be able to assist you).

Editing or stopping an automation

At any given time, if you wish to stop an active automation or edit an automation, you can do so by clicking on the hamburger sign alongside the automation itself to achieve this.

Note - When you edit an active/enabled post automation, the edited version of the post will be pushed out only in the next run of the scheduled post. For example, if it's a weekly run of post automation scheduled for every Monday for the next 3 months, and you make an edit on a Wednesday, the edited version of the post will only be pushed out on the following Monday and not immediately.

Note - When you stop an active post before its scheduled stop date, the automation will stop sending out new run’s to your GMB/FB posts, however, the post will still be visible on your location GMB page(product posts) and FB page.

Accessing post automations for a single location/multiple locations

From the location navigation picker, if you choose a single location, then the post automation relevant to the selected single location will show up on the post automation page. If you choose to view a roll-up view of locations with the help of a tag, then post automation pertaining to the locations added to the tag will show up.


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