Mobile - Manage location information via the Content menu

Mobile - Manage location information via the Content menu

You can manage your location information and update location attributes efficiently on the go via the new Content section on the mobile app. 

Note: Only users with the 'Admin' or 'Manager' user roles can manage locations within the account. Or ensure that you have adequate permissions assigned to a user role to manage the edit actions.

The Content Menu

Navigating to Content displays a list of all the locations available in your account. Select the location that you wish to edit information for. 


Select the location that you wish to edit or manage information for. 

The information window appears.


On this screen you can:

  • Edit the business description and information for this location such as email, phone number, and address
  • Add or change the cover image, and other business images such as images of your product, service location, brand images, and more. 
  • Set and change operating hours
  • Add special hours if necessary.

Editing Information

To add cover or business images to a location:

  • Simply press on the “ + Upload Media” icon. 
  • This opens up your iOS or Android photo gallery from which you can choose images to upload. 
  • Once you are done selecting the images, press “Add” and the images will get added to your media gallery


To edit operating hours:

  • Simply press the pencil icon in the top right section of “Operating Hours”
  • Choose the day that you want to edit the operating hours for by clicking on the corresponding pencil icon
  • Next, set the operating hours for that day. If your operating hour passes over into the next day (for example, from 6 PM Monday to 2 AM Tuesday), use Split hours to specify the same. 
  • Once you are done making your changes, click on Save



To add Special Hours:

On the business information screen, scroll down to the “Special Hours” section and click on “Add Special Hours”. Here you can choose:

  • The date for which to add special operating hours
  • Whether your store will be “Open”, “Closed” or operate in “Split” shifts
  • And specify the timing for each of those states.


To edit business information:

You can also edit information such as the description of the business, phone number, address, and website by clicking on the pencil icon and making changes as you see fit. Click on Save after you are done making changes.


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