Mobile - Access performance and analytics reports

Mobile - Access performance and analytics reports


Access performance and analytics reports

As mentioned earlier, the default screen you will see when you log in to your Synup App is for all the locations that you have access to. And, hence you will, by default, see the roll-up review reports on your home screen every time.

But having said the above - we also know that you may change this at any time and might want to come back to view the roll up review data for specific tags you have created on your account.

To view roll-up reports of positive & negative reviews for specific tags - select the search option -> type in the tag name, you will notice that the tag will show up once you start typing in -> Select the tag -> Then the overview of the total positive & negative reviews for the locations added under the tag will show up on the homescreen -> now select view reviews to see the reviews.

From here, you can choose your required filters and respond to the reviews as per the instructions provided in the “respond to reviews section.”

Get a peek into Profile analytics

On the home screen of your Mobile App, you can also get a sneak peek into the profile analytics. You can view the data for profile views and website views.

Profile views - To view the data for profile views, select the profile views option to see specific locations or tags' data.

Website views - To view the data for website views, select the website views option to see the specific locations or tags' data.

Note: You can use the date range filter on the top of the screen to view the insights data for a particular date range. You can select between the last 7 days, 30 days, 60 days & 90 days. You do not have the option to filter by custom date range.

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