How to view review highlights

How to view review highlights

Review Highlights is a feature enhancement to help you quickly discover what your reviewers are most interested in when interacting with your brand.  

Synup automatically identifies 10 best highlights from your reviews on all review sites and displays these as top topics of interest for a business location.

You can view highlights for a set of reviews for a single location. Phrases reflected in green are predominantly appearing in positive reviews or 5-star reviews, the ones in yellow are mostly average or 3 -star reviews and the red’s are 1 & 2-star reviews.


Or view these review phrases for a group of locations (Grouped and searched by an appropriate tag or viewed using the filter options).


The phrases also show the number of times these phrases have been used in reviews along with average ratings of these reviews when the phrases are used.

Click on any of these highlight phrases to filter out the reviews. The selected phrase will be highlighted in yellow for every review it appears in.


Review Highlights can help you approach your reviews more analytically by coupling it with filters. Here's how you can use review highlights and filters to view more specific sets of reviews:

  • What are the topics of interest around my Facebook recommendations?
  • For locations in a certain tag, what are the topics of interest?
  • What are the important topics that my 5-star reviewers like?
  • What are the problems faced by my 1 or 2-star reviewers?

Note: If a location or a group of locations (associated by tag or filters) has less number of reviews, the highlight key phrases populated may be less than 10. You may not be able to view review highlights if a location or a group of locations have around 10 or fewer reviews with no prominent highlight phrases.

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