How to View Archived Locations

How to View Archived Locations

The Location Manager displays all active locations in your account. However, your account may also have locations that have been archived or otherwise pending.

Viewing Locations with an Alternate Status

Access the Location Manager to view all account Locations.

Click Status displayed in the left corner.

The drop-down menu allows you to access alternative location statuses. Here are the alternatives you can view:


What does it mean?

All Locations

Displays all locations of all status within your account.


Displays all locations that are verified and publicly live as listings on Partner Networks.


Displays Locations that have been successfully archived and are no longer updated across Partner Networks with information from your dashboard.

Archive Pending

While you may have archived certain locations from your dashboard these locations will be archived only at the end of the current subscription billing cycle.

Verification Pending


The verification process for your Locations has begun and is in progress. Please wait until the locations are verified.


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