How to set up Profile Analytics

How to set up Profile Analytics

To access the Profile Analytics module, log in to your Synup account. Click on Analytics → Profile Analytics

Make sure that your Google My Business and Facebook accounts are connected to track data in the Profile Analytics page. If they are not connected, click on the Connect button for the account you wish to connect.

You will be taken to an account authorization page. Simply follow the instructions on the screen.

Date Ranges, Comparisons, and Sort

Once you have data flowing into your Profile Analytics module, you can manage it as you see fit.

First, let’s talk about Date ranges. You can choose to filter your Profile Analytics data by time intervals to compare performance for different date ranges. To do this:

  1. Select the date range from the drop-down
  2. Select from - 7 days, 30 days, 60 days, or custom (select the dates you want).
  3. To compare the performance of your selected time period against a specific time period, click on the “Compare To:” dropdown and select your range

You can also choose to sort the data by Daily, Weekly, or Monthly to get a different perspective on the data. Choose the Sort option on the top right to do so.

To view performance across multiple partner networks, click on Source and select the ones you wish to track.

This will provide all the information in a stacked bar chart so you can easily see which partner network is the most effective for you to engage with your customers.

Use the chart options above to view the data with a different view.

Hover over the chart at any point to view the exact metrics for the KPI you are monitoring.

A Detailed View

Click on “More Details” in any widget to get an expanded view of that KPI.

If you click on “More Details” on the Profile Views widget for example, you will get insights into:

  • Total Profile Views
  • Breakdown of Profile Views by source
  • Breakdown of Profile Views by locations split across source

This list of locations can be sorted for you to better understand which locations are attracting the most attention online, how customers are interacting frequently with your profiles, and what you can improve in them.

Filters in Detailed View

Under Detailed View for every metric, you get a breakdown of performance per location. For each location, you have access to powerful filters that help you easily identify places that have:

  • Improved performance above a certain percentage
  • Deteriorated in performance by a certain percentage or worse.
  • Improved by a minimum of X value
  • Worsened by a minimum of X value.

These filters can also be applied on a per-source basis so you can see which location attracts the most customers for each partner website that you are listed on and identify locations where profiles have been deteriorating in performance and you can pay more attention.

Downloading a Report

You can also choose to export your performance data as a PDF or a CSV now. Click on the three-dots menu on the top right and click on Download Report.

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