How to customize review views (filters and sort options)

How to customize review views (filters and sort options)

The reviews you receive for a Business Location are displayed under All reviews. You can choose to view all reviews or customize a view.

Creating a custom view enables you to view reviews from:

  • Specific periods
  • Select Partner Networks, by type of review, or rating using Filter and sort options

View Reviews from a Specified Period

Use the Navigation Picker to select a location for which you would like to manage reviews.

Then Navigate to Reviews ->All reviews to view accumulated reviews from all Publishing Partner Networks.

From the Period drop-down picker select an option that you want to filter:

  • Until Today
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 30 days
  • Last 60 days
  • Custom

Only reviews from the defined period that you have selected are displayed.

View Reviews using Filter and sort options

You can choose to view reviews for a Location defined by review sites, rating, response status, or type.

To filter out and sort your review, use the Universal Search bar to select a location you want to manage.

Types of Filters and Sort options:

You can choose to Filter by:

  • Review Sites
  • Rating received
  • Status (Not responded/responded)
  • Type (reviews, social, Facebook Recommendations )

 The Sort options display reviews in a sequence, that follow either of the following options:

  • Newest First
  • Oldest First
  • Lowest Rating
  • Highest Rating

Note: You can only select a single sort by option at a time.

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