How to customize columns on the location manager

How to customize columns on the location manager

The Location Manager is the central hub for managing all your account locations. You can access any location you’ve added to your dashboard from this space.

We’ve introduced a way for you to customize the Location Manager for easier access to your location data. 

Customizing Columns

Access the Location Manager to view all account Locations.

The Location Manager displays 6 columns - Location, Location ID, Store Code, Tags, Folders, Category; to give you a maximum view of relevant location data.

You can now choose to edit the columns of the Location Manager to display information that is most relevant to you.

Access the Location Manager and click the Edit Columns tab displayed in the top right corner. From the drop-down options displayed, select the columns you want to display.  


This drop-down menu allows you to select from the following:

  • Tags: the tags each location has been labeled with.
  • Folder: the folders that each location has been assigned to.
  • Category: the business category assigned to the location.
  • Phone: the contact number of the business location.
  • Payment Methods: the payment methods supported at the Location.
  • Operational Hours: Business hours of the location. 

Mark the checkboxes against the options you want to display as column heads and click Apply.

Note: You can select a maximum of 5 columns from this drop-down menu.

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