How to create review widgets

How to create review widgets


Synup’s Review Widget lets you showcase the top reviews and ratings that your business profiles receive, on your website. You can also use the review widget to prompt new visitors to review your business.

Setting up a Review Widget

Access Widgets from the hamburger symbol/3 dots from the all reviews option.

Click Create a new widget to create a custom review widget.

Fill in the details in the form that opens.

Click Create Widget to save changes.

Widget Attributes

You can define the following attributes to customize how you want the widget to appear:


Attribute Name


Widget Name

Fill in the name of your widget, as you would like it to appear on the portal.

Widget Type

Select the display size of your widget

The number of reviews to display

Choose the number of reviews that you would like to display. We recommend 3 as an ideal number.

Minimum Star rating to display

Choose the minimum star ratings that you would like to display.

Review Source

Select from a list of 13 review sites that you would like to display reviews.

Widget width

Enter the width of the widget as preferred, either in percentage or in pixels.

Widget height

Enter the preferred height for your widget, either in percentage or in pixels.

Widget Type

Choose whether your widget should be:

  • ‘Read Only’ - only display reviews, or
  • ‘Read/Write’ - allows viewers to post reviews directly on your website.


Manage Review Widgets

Once you create a widget, you can view a preview of it from this space.

Also, You can make edits by clicking the Edit Widget.

Install Review Widgets

To install your widget, click on Install Widget.

This generates a script that looks like the image below.

Click Copy Code and add it to your website, and your widget appears on the respective webpage.

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