How to create folders from the location manager page

How to create folders from the location manager page

You can use folders to organize groups of locations that you can then assign to users to collaborate when managing location data.

Note: Each location in your account can only be present in a single folder.

Organizing Locations into folders

To Access the Location Manager, click the Content tab, in the overhead navigation bar, and then click Locations.

 Select the locations you want to add to a folder and click the Move displayed at the top of your Location Manager.

You can either add the selected location to an existing folder or create a new folder.
To add a location to an existing folder, type in the name of an existing folder and select the option you want.

Click Apply to save your changes.

To create a new folder, click + Create New Folder displayed in the bottom right corner.

Type in a name for the Folder. Ensure that the new folder name is unique and does not match any of the existing folders.

You can choose to nest this Folder in a particular parent folder and choose to assign more locations to this Folder.

Note: When adding Locations to a Folder, a single location can only be assigned to one Folder.

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