How to choose a business category for my Locations

How to choose a business category for my Locations

A Business Category is a primary category used to describe your type of business or vertical and help you connect better to customers searching for the services or products you offer.

Choosing a Category for your Business

The Business Category you select can factor in your local ranking, hence its better to be specific when choosing a category.  For example, if your business location is a restaurant that serves Italian cuisine, keep the primary category as specific as “Italian restaurant”. Your business will show up in local search results to customers who search for “Restaurants”, “Italian restaurants”, or “Pasta” in their area. 

If the Business Category you have in mind isn’t available, choose a more general category that still accurately describes your business. You can then use Additional Categories to extend the particulars of your services to customers. 

The Additional Categories that you add lets customers know more about the specific services you provide. For example, if your business location is a Gym that also includes a spa and wellness center, you would choose “Gym” as your Business Category and add “Spa” and “Wellness Center” as Additional Categories.


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