Customer/end user suggestions, attributes flags bug with Google profiles

Customer/end user suggestions, attributes flags bug with Google profiles

As we are aware, a user who is searching for a business on Google has the power to mark suggestions to a business listing. Be it hours of operation, address, categories, accessibility, website, etc (26 attributes in total). 

This can be controlled by the business owner by choosing to either accept/discard the customer suggestions for each location on their GMB account.

Note: This is not something that can be controlled through the Synup dashboard. This is a feature that the business owner/admin can only control via their GMB dashboard.

To understand where and how to control this, check the steps added below.

Login to your GMB account and select the locations for which you want to control the customer suggestions.


Once you have selected the desired locations, from the Actions CTA button, select the Accept option.


This will open a box that displays all the attributes you can accept through customer suggestions.

Here, you can uncheck any attribute you don't want to accept suggestions for the selected businesses/locations. 


Once you have unchecked the attributes you do not want to accept customer suggestions for, click on Accept

By doing this, any suggestions made by a customer for the unchecked attributes will not reflect on your business profile unless you approve them(email notifications are sent to business owners in such cases to either accept/deny the suggestions).

The same works for the 'discard' option as well. You can uncheck any attribute you don't want to discard customer suggestions, for the selected businesses/locations.


Having said the above, GMB has a bug. 

When you uncheck the attributes you want to accept/discard changes from customer suggestions and click on the Accept/Discard option, the changes you made do not apply. The checks/unchecks revert to the original/default selection (where everything is checked).

As this is an identified bug by GMB, there isn't much that we/Synup can do about this. Our system is not pushing out any previously added/updated hours of business/website (or any other attribute that the customer made suggestions too). 

Synup has reached out to Google and reported the bug. We will keep you posted once this is resolved. 



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